We live in the mountains, surrounded by tea plantations, rice and vegetable fields. We grow our own rice and vegetables, we also recently bought a cow. My husband has a great relationship and respect for farming and the farmers themselves. We have been aware of the problems facing farmers for a long time, even before the financial crisis. From unstable vegetable prices that fly up and down unpredictably. About the problems with fertilizers and the subsequent size of the harvest, which is connected with the President's unfortunate and sudden ban on the use of industrial fertilizers in agriculture. Just for example, the transition from industrial to organic fertilization can actually take several years. Ex-President Gotaba Rajapaksa thought local farmers could do it overnight.

Sri Lanka was once renowned for its fertility and was nicknamed "Asia's food pantry" with the ability to produce enough crops not only for itself but also for its neighbors countries. However, in the last few decades, farmers in Sri Lanka have become demotivated due to the lack of financial support, the sale of rice on the black market, the aforementioned unavailability of fertilizers, or local inflation, which is currently at 30%.


    We will pass every contribution down to the last crown. We personally carefully select the projects and farmers we support. All this so that we know that the collected money will be used as best as possible and help will reach those who really need it the most.

    You can donate to our transparent account 308225994/0300 or using the attached QR code.

    Thank you very much for your help.

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