Macrame from our own workshop near the town of Ella

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All our macrame and embroidered cushions are made near the town of Ella in the interior of Sri Lanka. The area is famous for its railway line, which is considered one of the most beautiful in the world. In an area surrounded by vast tea plantations, but also rice and vegetable fields. Where it rains very often, temperatures often drop to 15 degrees Celsius at night, and local Sri Lankans pull out their winter hats and thick hoodies at that moment. In an area where it is extremely difficult for women to find work.

We currently employ 5 local women in our workshop. Everything works so that I come up with the design of the product, together with the women, we then test everything and adjust it down to the last detail. At the moment when we are really satisfied with the appearance and quality of the product, we will create a detailed guide with exact measurements and procedure. Thanks to this, women can often work from home afterwards. They can thus organize their day in such a way that they manage to take care of their family and earn their own money at the same time.


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